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JAVEDO INTERNATIONAL INC. is a Puerto Rican company that was born from its developer’s need, which persistently manifests interest and which ultimately comes to life. For more than three years we took it upon ourselves to contact within Puerto Rico, a company that would dedicate exclusively to the distribution of disposable gloves for professional use in healthcare and sanitary procedures.
U nder such effects, JAVEDO INTERNATIONAL INC. presents itself to satisfy the needs of this market and, in this way, become the first company in this segment with a reach in its Vision and Mission that goes beyond the island’s cardinal points.

Is pleased to present

Founded in 2013, JAVEDO INTERNATIONAL is pleased to present our new brand of disposable gloves Impressive, where flexibility, comfort, and durability are key features that interlace with the vital aspect of protection. We count with a variety of latex and nitrile disposable gloves among others, for use in multiple procedures and tasks that require their use.
We feel satisfied in knowing that you can now count on a company that will provide the answer for all your disposable glove needs with a service that will exceed our customer demands.
That is our commitment.